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Zee Shan, Fosse Accountants Tax Manager

Position: Tax Manager


Tel: 0116 298 5848

Zee Shan loves tax.  He is the Tax Manager at Fosse Accountants.  He works with SMEs to find relevant tax relieves that mitigate their tax burden. 

He is a Chartered Certified Accountant and a Chartered Tax Adviser.  His dual qualification has taught him some very useful tax saving techniques.  With over seven thousand recorded tax questions that he has answered for his clients, he has developed a practical approach, where he offers the theoretical technical legislative references to satisfy the demands of the HMRC inspector, together with a practical plan of action to be implemented by his client, to secure the tax saving. 

He likes windsurfing and walking on poweriser stilts.  

He believes that life without tax knowledge can be very taxing.

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